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Are Jade Rollers Even Worth It?

are jade rollers even worth it

Beauty trends come and go, but one that seems to have stuck around and become a common step in beauty routines is jade rollers. Although they might seem like a more recent skincare craze, jade rollers have actually been around for centuries. 

The small handheld wands made of the mineral jade are said to have originated during the Qing Dynasty in China. And while they might be centuries old, jade rollers are experiencing a massive comeback. But the question is, are they worth the effort?

What Are Jade Rollers?

These beauty tools resemble paint rollers with two stones. There’s a larger one that’s designated for use on the jaw, cheeks, and forehead, while the smaller one is reserved for use around the eyes and mouth. As mentioned before, these stones are made of jade, which is cold to the touch, semi-precious, and very aesthetically pleasing.

How Do They Work?

It’s pretty simple, actually. After you’ve applied a moisturizer or serum, you can use the roller to massage your face. Alternatively, you can use the roller to spread a serum during your beauty routine. There are hundreds of videos showing you how to use them, but most do agree that you should use the roller everywhere, including your neck and face. 

On the neck, you should roll upwards gently. When it comes to your face, you’ll want to roll outwards toward your hairline in all directions with your nose being the central point of action. You should remember to roll with a gentle touch in order not to rupture capillaries and to get the circulation in your face going properly.

What Are the Benefits?

Jade rollers help promote lymph movement, which results in the removal of waste and toxins. So, for example, if you’ve had a night of drinking, a jade roller would in theory help de-puff your face. 

In addition, the cold touch of jade rollers is supposed to help brighten your skin because of its effect on blood flow and circulation.

Are Jade Rollers Really Worth It?

According to dermatologists, the answer is yes. Many derms attest to the jade roller’s ability to detoxify and de-puff! And, because of their cheap prices and accessibility, it’s not such a hassle to try one out.

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