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Does Taking Collagen Really Offer Beauty Benefits?

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Let’s get one thing straight first: you’re beautiful as you are!

But natural beauty is a great foundation, and foundations are meant to be built upon. Collagen can do that for you: build your beauty up to new heights! 

Now you may be asking, “how does it do that?”

It’s simple: As we age, the collagen in our bodies breaks down. New collagen that is produced is of poorer quality and is made much less frequently. 

Together, this can create some real beauty uh-ohs. Lifeless hair, saggy skin, limp lips – you’d be surprised how much lackluster collagen production is to blame for. 

How Does Collagen Help with Skin, Hair, and Nails?

Because collagen plays such a vital role in our bodies – it’s in our skin, joints, blood, ligaments, and bones – it’s easy to see how it would help to improve our looks. 

  • Collagen plays a huge role in skin elasticity, meaning that more collagen equals fewer wrinkles and more supple, youthful skin. 
  • It provides much-needed amino acids to create hair proteins, as well as fortifies your scalp.
  • It helps to strengthen your nails, preventing brittleness.  

Collagen is More Than the Fountain of Youth

Who wouldn’t be hopping online to order some collagen right about now? But it’s more than just for youthful looks. You’ll feel absolutely fabulous once it works its magic. 

It’s no secret that collagen can help with everything from blood sugar and blood pressure issues to bone and muscle health. It is also great for promoting a healthy gut and can help with joint movement and alleviating joint and bone pain. Maybe you can finally achieve those extra-bendy yoga moves you’ve been working on!

Taking collagen is definitely worth a shot if you’re starting to ‘feel your age’ on the inside! 

What Type of Collagen Works Best for Beauty?

Sure, there are tons of creams out there, but collagen proteins are actually too large to permeate your skin. Whether you’re looking to benefit from the health or the beauty side of collagen, you’ll want to stick with powdered collagen peptides for better results. 

Marine collagen tends to be better for beauty, while bovine tends to be better for health. 

But remember, finding the best collagen for you is like dating – try ’em out and pick which works best for you. Of course, organic high-quality collagen is better than some concoction with tons of added ingredients and chemicals. 

How to Work Collagen Into Your Daily Routine

Since collagen breaks down during digestion, there are foods to eat with it to help boost its effectiveness. Tasty ways to enjoy eating collagen peptides include mixing them in warm (not hot) coffee, tea, smoothie, or soup. It can even be used in baking or cooking!

You can also take daily collagen capsules, which makes it even easier. You could also incorporate collagen-rich foods in your diet, like bone broth.

Avoiding collagen while breastfeeding or pregnant is recommended, but it’s otherwise generally regarded as safe for everyone. While collagen is thought to be most effective when from animal sources, there are some vegan options available.

Just remember that this is a long-term proposition. These results aren’t overnight, but once you start to see them you will feel even more beautiful – inside and out! 

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