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Get the versatile soap beauty editors are calling a “must-have” for your beauty routine. It’s the ultimate mild and gentle cleanser for everyday use. 

super - powered,
mild cleanser

We created a luxurious soap made from 100% organic olive oil and plant-based extracts. Our soap is mild, gentle, and versatile—making it the perfect daily clean beauty cleanser. We like to think our soap has “super powers” because it’s a beauty lifesaver in any scenario. It can be used as a mild face wash, rejuvenating body wash,
sudsy shampoo, hydrating conditioner, and moisturizing hand soap!

We believe that you deserve to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. That’s why we only use simple, pure ingredients in our soap.

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GET THE "FIRST LOOK" at our acne collection!

It's Like Liquid Gold

We’re so confident that you’ll love our soap, that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee—no questions asked!
So, go ahead and upgrade your clean beauty routine with a cleanser that’s good for you and the planet. You can thank us later!

Omg, it's refreshing

You’ll want to have your own private dance party each time you use our soap. It’s so refreshing that you may even want to start singing!

For all skin types

That’s right—we’ve designed our soap to be mild enough for all skin types. Whether you’ve got normal, dry, oily and/or combination skin, we’ve got you!

Gently cleanses

Our soap is all natural and has no added parabens, harsh detergents, or synthetic cleansers. So you get to bust away dirt, without stressing out your skin.

No Shady Stuff Inside

We’ve taken it back to basics. We only use simple ingredients that you can trust.
No more turning over the bottle only to discover ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.

Each soap starts off with pure water— it’s as simple as that.
We use luxurious 100% organic olive oil as the base for all of our soaps. Our olive oil is certified organic by the Oregon Tilth.

We use cold-pressed or steam-distilled plant-based essential oils and extracts. We never use synthetic fragrances.

“ One Soap, Many Uses

For years, you’ve been taught that you need a shelf full of different cleansers— this isn’t true at all!

Clean Rebellion is designed to be multi-purpose, so you can stop spending your hard earned cash on dozens of products. You can use Clean Rebellion as your:

Powered by Plants

We’ve found that when you tap into the power of plants,
you don’t need the synthetic B.S.

That’s why we start with 100% organic olive oil at the base of our soap. Olive oil is super hydrating and mild for all skin types.

Our soaps are scented with high-vibe, plant-based extracts. Each extract has its own special properties that make our blends unique.

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