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We started Clean Rebellion after realizing that the standard, everyday Castile soap sold in stores was better suited for cleaning sinks than rejuvenating our skin. So, we set out to create a super-powered Castile soap – just for your skin. Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Each day, it works hard to filter out toxins, pollutants, and chemicals. Each bottle of Clean Rebellion soap is designed to help minimize toxins in your skin, without harsh chemicals, additives, parabens, and detergents.

We make our Castile Soap just like they did 5,000 years ago. We start off with 100% organic extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil. Each glistening drop of olive oil goes through a saponification and purification process, resulting in a perfectly balanced, non-toxic, vegan cleanser that is mild enough for your skin. Unlike all of the other brands on the shelf, we don’t use any coconut oil in our cleanser. It turns out that the saponification process transforms coconut oil into a tough cleanser that is better suited for household use – not for your skin.

Next, we take our pure cleanser and enhance it with plant-based essential oils and extracts designed to refresh your skin. Each bottle only has a few simple ingredients that you can trust—no shady stuff inside.

We’ve made Clean Rebellion a versatile, luxurious cleanser that you can use every day. Our soaps make the perfect body wash, facial cleanser, hand soap, and conditioner. Transform your daily beauty routine with Clean Rebellion!


Hey Rebel!

I’m so excited to have you join the Clean Rebellion tribe. You seriously rock!

I started Clean Rebellion because I was frustrated by all of the harsh chemicals and yucky toxins in the beauty products that I was using every day. Growing up, I suffered from eczema, and I didn’t realize that some of the harsh cleansers that I was using made the problem worse. Over the last few years, I have been hacking my beauty routine by experimenting with diet changes and switching to cleaner beauty products.

On this journey, I got introduced to castile soap and immediately fell in love with it! But, I struggled with the major brands on the shelves—they either used cheaper oils (like palm oil) in their blends, or they had scents that I didn’t love. So, I rolled up my sleeves, got in my kitchen, and started creating my own castile soap!

I’m thrilled and honored to share our products with you. We manufacture our products in Portland, OR, with an incredible team of chemists. We’re focused on delivering high-quality products with ingredients that you can trust. Because let’s face it, your skin deserves only the best.

I always get asked, “What’s with the affirmations on every bottle?!” I believe that positive affirmations have the ability to transform our lives. For years, the beauty industry has told us that “we’re not enough.” We’re rebelling against that messaging and it starts with our packaging. Each affirmation is for you. It is to remind you that you are more than enough every single day.

I am grateful for YOU!


Teju Owoye
Teju Owoye, Clean Beauty Expert, Founder of Clean Rebellion
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