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5 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Breakouts Post-Workout

No one likes breakouts. So, if you’re like a lot of people, the first thing you want after a good workout is a rejuvenating shower, with great cleansing products to wash all that sweat from your skin.

As you probably know, perspiration left on your face can lead to clogged pores, acne flare-ups, and irritation. And no one has time for that! So, here are five tips and best practices to keep your skin healthy and reduce the risk of breakouts after a workout.  

Remove Makeup Before Working Out

Wearing makeup while working out is a big no-no. For some people, not wearing makeup can be a difficult habit to break, especially if you like to head to the gym or do a home workout after work. But removing your makeup is well worth the slight inconvenience. Why?

Because once you start sweating, your makeup will make it harder for your skin to breathe, which is one sure way to get clogged pores and irritation. 

Use a Mild Cleansing Soap

After a workout, avoid using harsh soaps with chemicals that can strip your skin and leave it dry and damaged. If you’re not sure what to use, give Clean Rebellion’s super gentle Castile soap cleanser a try! Our cleansers are 100 percent organic and plant-based, with only a few ingredients. And, unlike other Castile soaps, ours are specifically designed to be used on your face – regardless of your skin type.

Limit Shower/Bath Time

Most people enjoy long, hot showers or baths, but being exposed to hot water for a long period of time can remove much-needed oils from your skin and dry it out. To avoid this, try using warm water instead, and take shorter showers. Another great way to avoid dry, breakout-prone skin after a workout is to end your shower with cold water to protect your skin and help prevent moisture loss.

Pat Wet Skin Dry

Avoid wiping or rubbing your skin with a towel, since doing so can cause irritation. Instead, gently pat your skin  – or, better yet, allow your face to air dry. This can help prevent it from feeling tight or dried out. 


You’ve probably heard time and time again how you should keep your skin moisturized.  Well, there’s a good reason for this!

Moisturizing is imperative after cleansing because it locks in the nutrients your body needs to look and stay healthy. A good moisturizer and good daily cleansing practice is the key to youthful and healthy-looking skin.

Bottom line

If you’re prone to breakouts, particularly after working out, try out the tips above. Chances are, your skin just needs a little help to look and feel its best.

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