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Castile Soap Dilution Guide: How Much to Use for Best Results?

castile soap dilution guide

Trying to find the perfect mix between Castile soap and water when diluting your olive oil-based liquid soap? We’ve made it easy to know just how much soap to use for your clean beauty needs with this Castile soap dilution guide.

How Much Castile Soap Should I Use?

Every beauty routine is unique and reaping the full benefits of olive-oil Castile soap may take some adjustments for your situation. For instance, you won’t use the same amount of soap as someone who’s been indoors for long hours when you’ve just come from a day’s hike. So, take that into account when using this guide and adjust as needed.

Tips for Diluting Your Castile Soap

Follow the dilution directions for each specific skincare and cosmetic routine for glowing, healthy skin.

  1. Face Wash: Use 2-3 drops of olive oil Castile soap on wet hands, and apply it to your wet face. You can also create a dilution mix of about 1-ounce water to three ounces of soap.
  2. Body Cleansing: Wet the body; use about one tablespoon of Castile soap on a wet towel and cleanse the skin.
  3. Moisturizing Bath: Experience relaxing aromatherapy and a silkening effect by choosing one of our essential oil-infused Castile soaps and add a few drops to your bath.
  4. Shampoo: Using pure Castile soap can leave your hair dry, so it is best to dilute it appropriately. Just use a few drops for short hair and about ½ tbsp. for long hair. You can apply it directly to the hair or pre-dilute it in a separate container. If you prefer the former, make sure your hair is super wet.
  5. Removing Make-up: Wet your hands and lather a few drops of olive oil Castile soap. Apply it to your wet face and massage it into skin gently. Rinse with clean water.  
  6. Shaving: For shaving purposes, apply olive oil soap to wet hands to lather, using more as needed depending on how large of an area you are shaving.
  7. Foot Soak:  Apply ½ tbsp. Castile soap in a small, half-full tub.
  8. Make-up Brush Cleanser: Add 2-3 drops of Castile soap to the bristles. Rub gently for 10 seconds and rinse until water flows clearly.


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