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Not Just Body Wash! 8 More Uses for Castile Soap

liquid castile soap by clean rebellion

For centuries, people have been finding new and unique uses for castile soap. It was originally created as a personal cleansing product in 12th century Spain, but its uses have expanded well beyond only a body wash. 

Although soap options have grown exponentially – especially in more recent years, Castile has remained a go-to for people wanting a non-toxic, versatile alternative.

It is important to note that some companies have added scents and other ingredients to their version of this classic beauty product. So, be sure to check the labels before making a purchase to ensure you are still getting a natural soap. 

Many of the uses listed here will necessitate the pure version of liquid olive oil-based castile to reap the complete benefits.

Unexpected Uses for Castile Soap

The uses for castile soap abound, from beauty care to home cleaning. Its natural ingredients make it perfect for a variety of daily needs. 

Of course, castile’s original purpose as a body cleanser is still the top use and we highly recommend incorporating this natural body wash into your daily routine. However, there are some additional uses of this olive-oil-based soap we don’t want you to miss out on! 

1. Hair Shampoo

Yes, you can use castile soap in your hair, too! This makes your bottle of castile soap a great minimalist beauty buy! It is best if you dilute it beforehand. 

2. Facial Cleanser

Castile’s mild nature makes it gentle on your face, though it’s still strong enough to prevent acne. Simply apply a few drops on your face and then rinse out.

3. Shaving Cream

The consistency of Clean Rebellion’s castile soap, makes it a great option for shaving cream. Just lather it in your hands and apply it before shaving.

4.  Makeup Brush Wash

Looking for an easy and non-toxic way to clean your beauty tools? Make a cleaning solution for your makeup brushes using warm water and a little castile soap. Dab the brush tips in this solution and rinse under cold tap water.

5. Wound Cleaner

As a quick remedy, castile soap comes in handy when you have minor wounds that need cleaning. Mix two cups of clean water and two teaspoons of castile liquid soap to make a cleansing solution.

6. All-Purpose Home Cleaner

Castile soap makes a great everyday cleaning solution for the surfaces of your home. You can make a simple spray by mixing a quarter cup of castile soap with a quart of water. Use it to wash dishes, clean windows, and mop floors as well.

7. Deter Pests

We love castile soap, but ants hate it. Simply spray some of your all-purpose cleaner spray on the back of your counters to help deter them. Many people also use a diluted castile soap mix in their gardens as a natural insecticide and fungicide.

8. Produce Wash

It’s important to wash off your fruits and vegetables, luckily, castile soap makes it easy. Simply fill your sink with water and add a few drops of pure unscented castile before dunking your produce in. Then just rinse thoroughly and you are all set!

How Do You Use Castile Soap in Your Home?

Of course, these aren’t all of the possible uses for castile soap. Why not get creative and try to find even more? From your shower to your garden, there are bound to be dozens of more ways to use this versatile natural soap.

To be sure you are getting pure olive oil castile, shop our options here.

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