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Why I Switched to a Pescatarian Diet

A pescatarian diet.

I am currently on a pescatarian diet. And you know what? It has absolutely changed my life.

I no longer feel bloated after eating a ridiculous amount of steak, but I still get all of the omega-3s that I felt were lacking when I was vegan or vegetarian. Plus, I can enjoy a wider variety of flavors now!

If you’re curious, here are just a few reasons to make the switch yourself.

1. It’s one of the healthiest diets in the world 

Yes, it’s true: The pescatarian diet is honestly one of the healthiest in the entire world. There’s a reason so many people in Japan are living as long as they are. In fact, there are even tales of monks reaching the age of 110!

Often, that is due, at least in part, to their pescatarian diets. You can get plenty of protein and all of the healthy fats your body needs, especially if you turn to salmon as your primary source of protein.

And you can avoid red meats that are—to put it lightly—far less healthy in many ways, not to mention a lot harder on your heart. 

2. A Pescatarian diet gives you way more food options 

When I was a vegetarian, I would experiment with different proteins a lot, but my options were rather limited: Tofu, Pumpfu if I wanted to be fancy about it, Tempeh, some other form of beans, or eggs.

After a while—especially as an American-Canadian who has always been spoiled for choice!—I grew tired of the similar flavors. There weren’t enough sauces in the world to excite me anymore!

Pescatarianism, on the other hand, is quite freeing in this regard, because you have a myriad of options—shrimp, salmon, cod, etc. So, if you like having options but want to maintain a healthy diet, pescatarianism is definitely worth trying.

3. You get more omega-3s

I felt depleted when I wasn’t consuming fish, and I struggle with depression at times already, so this was extremely challenging. I tried to drink flaxseed milk to make up for it and purchase eggs with extra omega-3s in them, but I still felt low.

I’ve found that if I find myself slipping, a bit of salmon works wonders for my mental health. It’s also hard to get enough B12 on a vegan diet, by the way, but salmon contains plenty of this nutrient as well.

Of course, there are plenty of people who thrive as carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans: Any diet can work if it’s well-balanced and you’re getting all of the nutrients your body needs!

That being said, pescatarianism has been extremely helpful for me in managing my condition and improving my life. 

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