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4 Tips To Grow Stronger Nails So You Can Ditch Acrylics

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Tired of spending so much money on acrylics but don’t want to give up the look of long, sculpted nails? We can help!

Having strong, shaped nails is important to a lot of people, and that’s great! Manicures or a fresh coat of polish can be an awesome form of self-care – and we definitely don’t want to take that away. 

Today, we’re going to talk about ways to add nail strengthening habits to your everyday routine, and some things you should avoid in order to preserve the strength and shape of your natural nails.

The goal is to help you care for your nails so that expensive acrylics can become a thing of the past.

Sound good? Let’s go!

Have your acrylics removed professionally 

First things first: You can’t improve your nails if they’re covered, and acrylics can be incredibly damaging. So, as a first step, have a trained technician remove your acrylics properly.

Attempting to rip or crack them off yourself is a bad idea because it can result in injuries to your fingers, nail bed, and skin. 

But, you might be wondering, why are acrylics so damaging?

One reason is that when they’re applied, technicians file down your natural nails in order to keep the acrylics in place. This technique thins your fingernails, making it more likely that they’ll crack or break.

So, having your acrylics removed is an important first step to repairing your nails underneath.

No acrylics? No problem! These tips are for everyone and anyone who’s looking to strengthen their natural nails. 

Avoid excessive water exposure

We wash our hands often, as we should, but extended hard water exposure wears down nails over time. The minerals in hard water break down keratin, which is what nails and nailbeds are made of. As the layers are stripped, the strength of your fingernails will wear down, making them brittle and prone to breakage.

So, if you have hard tap water, use a pair of rubber cleaning gloves when you’re washing dishes or need to have your hands in water for a long period of time. 

Use oils to moisturize your nailbeds

Adding a nourishing oil to your daily night routine will help your fingernails heal and strengthen overnight. Keeping nailbeds moisturized is as important as moisturizing the rest of your body, especially if they’re already damaged.

A great option to try is jojoba oil. Why? Because it’s chalked full of vitamin E and B, which help repair dry nails. We recommend applying the oil at night because skin cells regenerate twice as fast during sleep due to a higher level of blood flow. Impressive, right? Use this to your advantage!

Switch up your handsoap

Castile soap is an oil-based soap that offers the same germ-fighting protection as regular soap, but it’s much more gentle. Using an oil-based soap daily will help keep your skin moisturized and strengthen your nails all in one go.

Have sensitive skin? No problem! Castile soap is a fantastic option if regular soap tends to irritate your skin or leave it feeling dry.

Choose your nail tools wisely

Shaping and filing are a common part of nail care, but using harsh, scratchy files can actually do more harm than good. Try using a glass file instead – they last much longer than traditional files, and they’re incredibly gentle in comparison.

Using a nail clipper is also common, but it isn’t as beneficial as you might think. Clipping can cut too deep and leave jagged edges, which can cause breakage.

So, using a glass nail file is a great option because it eliminates the possibility of tears while keeping your nails looking neat and pampered. 

Final thoughts

We really think having a beautiful manicure doesn’t have to come at the cost of damaging your nails. If you’re used to getting acrylics often, chances are pretty good that your nails could use some love!

The good news?

Even really damaged fingernails can get strong and healthy with the right care, so be sure to try the tips above. You might be surprised by how quickly your nails recover (not to mention how much money you save on manicures!). 

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