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7 Bad Habits That Are Seriously Hurting Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it’s important to take good care of it. Sometimes, though, we can do it more harm than good – without even realizing. Specifically, here are seven bad habits you might be guilty of that are hurting your skin.

1. Touching your face

Believe it or not, you can hurt your skin just by touching it. Why? Because when you touch your face, you spread bacteria and dirt from your hands that can get into your pores and clog them. So, avoid touching your face with dirty hands or objects like pens or pencils. Try using a fidget spinner if you need a distraction!

2. Sleeping in your makeup

One of the worst skin-related bad habits you can have is sleeping in your makeup. Why? Because it allows oils to build up on your face and (you guessed it!) clog pores. The more gunk builds up in your pores, the more likely they’ll get infected and cause acne breakouts — or even cystic acne.

So, be sure to wash off all of your makeup before bed every night, including eye makeup. You might think that sleeping with a little mascara on is fine. But even if it doesn’t look like much has transferred onto your pillowcase, bacteria can still grow on top of those traces of residue and cause issues down the road. Just keep a bottle of micellar water or coconut oil on hand to make makeup removal easy.

3. Using too many products

Your skin can react in a variety of negative ways if you use too many products. So, keep things simple. Try pairing down your routine to include just a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Anything more and you might be irritating your skin (not to mention wasting products and money).

If your skin feels dry or irritated, that’s a sign your current routine might be too much. 

4. Using the wrong products for your skin type

If you suffer from acne, dryness, or other skin conditions, it’s even more important to use gentle products that will target those concerns. 

To find the right products, follow these steps:

  • Read labels carefully before using a product on your face. Avoid those with alcohol or fragrances as well as any other ingredients that may cause irritation, such as menthol or camphor.
  • Look for moisturizing ingredients in cleansers, such as aloe vera and glycerin. They’re designed to help keep moisture in and reduce water loss from pores during cleansing.

5. Smoking

Smoking is a major cause of premature aging and a bad habit in general. It causes all kinds of skin-related issues, like wrinkles, fine lines, dull skin, and discoloration. Who has time for that?!

Smoking also causes dehydration, which leads to dryness and the breakdown of collagen. So, if you want to have healthier skin, this is an essential bad habit to tackle.

6. Neglecting SPF

Sun protection is important for all skin types, even if you don’t have a history of sun damage. SPF is not just for the beach – it’s an everyday necessity.

UV rays can damage collagen, which results in wrinkles and premature aging. This is why it’s so important to wear sunscreen every day, even if it’s cloudy outside!

If you want to look young longer than your peers — and who doesn’t?— make sure you’re using the right kind of sunscreen for your face and body.

7. Not drinking enough water

If you’re not getting enough sleep, your skin will show it. If you smoke or drink too much coffee and alcohol, you’ll age faster than the average person.

But there are also plenty of other factors that can impact how well your skin looks and feels, including how much water you drink every day.

The human body is about 60% water, and – as with any other living thing on earth — it needs to stay hydrated to function properly.

Drinking eight glasses of water each day (or more, if you exercise often) helps eliminate toxins from your system so they don’t build up inside your cells and cause damage over time.

Plus, when you’re dehydrated, your body produces more oil than usual because it thinks you need extra oil to keep itself moisturized. This is why some people break out when they get sick or have a bad night’s sleep. So, if it helps, buy a cute water bottle that you can carry around with you throughout the day to remember to drink more.


To get better skin, follow these steps:

  1. Avoid touching your face.
  2. Always remove your makeup before bed.
  3. Follow a minimalist skincare routine.
  4. Use the right products for your skin’s needs.
  5. Don’t smoke.
  6. Use SPF (even in the winter!)
  7. Drink enough water.

We hope this article helps you take proactive steps towards healthier skincare habits. Yes, change is hard, but being more aware of bad habits can help you avoid them!

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