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Causes of Dry Skin & How to Avoid It

causes of dry skin

People purchase skin products to ensure they have smooth and flourishing skin. The flaky, cracked look of dry skin is not a look anyone is trying to achieve on purpose. Plus, having dry skin can bring about discomfort, redness, and itchiness. That’s why it is important to know what causes dry skin and how to prevent it.

What are the Causes of Dry Skin?

Anyone can have dry skin, and chances are that, at some point, you may have experienced it. Below are some common causes of dry skin.

  • Changes in Weather: Your skin moisture evaporates faster when the air is cold and dry, so your skin may dry up during winter because humidity levels drop. The use of a humidifier can help in colder regions. However, those who live in desert regions may suffer from dry skin all year round without preventative steps.
  • Age: The older you get, the more your skin becomes dry, since your skin’s pores now produce less oil.
  • Skin Disorders: People with eczema, psoriasis, and other skin issues are more prone to skin dryness.
  • Harsh Soaps: The use of harsh soap strips oil from your skin leaving it dry. That’s why it is important to use a soap that nourishes your skin and locks in moisture.
  • Hot Water: Taking too long in the shower or bath and using hot water dries your skin. Just washing your face with hot water daily can cause a noticeable lack of moisture.
  • Hard Water: With a high concentration of minerals, hard water can leave a film on the skin that prevents the absorption of moisture. Using a water softener or filtration system can help reduce this problem.
  • Chlorinated Pools: It is common for swimmers to have dry skin due to the amount of chlorine used to clean pools. Using a saltwater pool could be a great solution!
  • Fragrances: Many fragrances are synthetic and chemical-based. These can irritate your skin and even cause an allergic reaction called contact dermatitis. Opt for fragrance-free skincare products to avoid this issue.
  • Dehydration: If your skin and lips are constantly dry, you get headaches, and you feel sluggish, it’s highly likely that you are dehydrated. It is especially important to drink water when you are physically active to support a healthy body and beautiful skin. Aim for at least 64 ounces of water a day at minimum, but around an ounce per pound you weigh is another common recommendation.

Tips to Avoid Dry Skin

When it comes to your skincare routine, you’re in charge. Simple home remedies can reverse the situation and ensure healthy skin. 

The following tips can help you avoid having dry skin:

  • Hydrate as much as you can by drinking enough water.
  • Use cooler water when bathing and spend less time in the water.
  • Use gentle body wash and products that promote moisturization.
  • Moisturize your skin after a warm bath or shower to prevent skin dryness.
  • Avoid rubbing your wet face; instead, pat it dry using a soft face towel.
  • Cover your skin with a coat, hat, gloves, and scarf when outside in the winter cold or wind to avoid exposure and skin irritation. 
  • Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or cleaning to avoid damage.

When Should You See a Dermatologist for Dry Skin?

Dry skin is usually temporary and harmless. However, if it prolongs without treatment, it may become detrimental. It can cause deep cracks which can bleed and be infected.

It’s always advisable to see a dermatologist if you notice any of these signs:

  • Your skin’s dryness is not improving with lifestyle changes.
  • The skin is scaling and peeling off.
  • The dryness and itchiness are interfering with your sleep.
  • Your skin is dry, swollen, and reddish.
  • You’ve scratched your skin and it has led to an open sore or infection.


Take a moment, breathe, and remember that dry skin is manageable. With proper moisturizers and products like our organic gentle cleansers, your skin will not remain dry forever.

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