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Is Castile Soap Antibacterial?

These days, a growing number of people want to know more about the products they put on their body. They’re not satisfied by pretty packaging that tries to hide a lot of unpronounceable ingredients.

And for good reason! With all the germs and toxins everywhere, it’s important to understand how the products you use help (or harm) your body and environment.

So what about Castile soap? Is it antibacterial? Should you use it on your skin? 

Let’s find out!

Is Castile soap antibacterial?

If you’ve heard about Castile soap and wonder why so many people love it, you might have questions like the one above.

If so, this is your lucky day! Not only is Castile soap antibacterial, but you could rightly call it the “original” antibacterial soap because it’s been around for so long.  

So yes, Castile soap absolutely does have amazing antibacterial properties, and it’s well worth checking out. 

As you probably know, soap kills the bacteria that causes illness and disease before it has a chance to harm you. And because it’s so natural and plant-based, it’s good for your skin and the environment too! 

Pretty cool, right? But what’s so special about Castile soap in particular? 

We’re glad you asked!

The best Castile soap is made with organic olive oil, which obviously comes from olives (yes, those green things we eat as snacks).

So, Castile soap, in its base formula, contains real olive oil rather than a cheaper oil like palm. 

This is cool for two reasons. 

First, if you’ve ever used olive oil, you know how soft and moisturized it can make your skin. If your skin tends to get dry, particularly during colder months, using an olive oil-based soap is a great option for your skin.

Second, olive oil itself is naturally antibacterial. This means you get the benefits of an antibacterial soap without the harsh chemicals or additives of most soaps on the market! How’s that for a win-win?

Let’s get a little more scientific for a second. 

The reason Castile soap is antibacterial is because of its high concentration of saponins. Saponins are naturally-occurring chemicals that help plants ward off illness and pests.

When saponins come into contact with a microbe like E. coli or salmonella on the surface of your skin or under a fingernail—or even inside your body after eating contaminated food—they bind together and form a barrier around the bad stuff (since saponin molecules are too large for microbes to cross).

This destroys any pathogens that happen to be hanging out nearby! 

Bottom line

Not only is Castile soap antibacterial, but it really is one of the best things you can have in your vanity.

If you’re tired of having a million different products cluttering up your bathroom and want something that can replace your handwash, facewash, shave cream, and more, look no further.

At Clean Rebellion, we’re all about offering the best Castile soap, so we make it with organic olive oil and just a few other ingredients. 

Ready to try some of the good stuff for yourself? Check out our full line here.

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