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Breast Cancer Awareness: 6 Self-Care Tips for Breast Health

breast health tips

Breasts, we’ve all got ’em. So why not talk about them? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, after all. This occasion encourages people everywhere to check on their breasts more often and take note of any changes taking place. 

Cancer can be caught early if you’re looking out for the signs and performing regular self-checks. With some simple tips, you can use Breast Cancer Awareness Month as a jumping-off point for long-term breast health.

1. Do a Breast Self-Exam in the Shower Regularly

You’re standing in the shower washing your body anyway. Why not use this time as a chance to give yourself a self-exam? Use some luxurious, organic wash and lather up the girls for a truly self-care experience. 

You can feel around your chest and determine if any bumps or misshapen spots seem to be noticeable all while getting clean and inhaling the fresh scent of your body wash. 

Here’s how to perform a self-exam:

  • Use the pads of your pointer, middle, and ring finger to perform a circular motion.
  • Start at your outer breast and work your way toward the nipple.
  • Perform the exam in sections, until you’ve worked your way around the entire breast.
  • Use your left hand on your right breast, and vice versa.

2. Get Your Sweat On

It’s been said over and over — and over again —  but exercise truly is the best way to help your health. Yes, even your breast health can be improved through exercise. 

You need to get your sweat on if you want to shrink fat cells within your body that can produce excess amounts of estrogen. Extra estrogen can lead to cancerous results. 

Find a workout that’s fun and enjoyable for you, so you stick with it. Go for a swim. Jog along the beach. Dance in your living room. It’s your prerogative. 

3. Stop Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking can also lead to cancer. You need to stop engaging in these activities if you want to keep your breast health intact. 

Cigarettes should definitely be out of your daily routine, but some alcoholic beverages can actually have their benefits. You can still enjoy a glass of red wine, for example. Just be sure you’re sticking to one glass when you do indulge, and not drinking daily. 

4. Enjoy a Breast-Healthy Diet

The foods you eat can help your breast health. Enjoy a breast-healthy diet so you can keep the girls as perky and damage-free as possible. 

Foods rich in folate can help because it works to repair DNA damage. Left unrepaired, this damage can lead to cancer. 

Leafy greens, broccoli, garlic, apples, sweet potatoes, walnuts, and berries should all be part of your weekly menu. They all offer various amounts of vitamins and nutrients essential for fighting off disease within the body — and specifically the breasts.

5. Take Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. If you don’t get enough of this vitamin through food, then you should be taking a supplement. 

You can also get a good dose from the sun. Make sure to apply sunscreen before you go out — including on your chest if it’s exposed — and spend some time enjoying nature. Sometimes, it’s exactly what we need to boost our physical and mental well-being.  

6. Talk to Your Doctor

One of the best options is, of course, to make sure your health is on track is to talk to your doctor. They will know best just how to keep your breasts healthy and minimize cancer risks. 

A yearly exam is the very least you can do to help ensure your breasts are as they should be — no lumps detected. You may need more frequent checks and a different discussion if your family has a history of breast cancer already.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month marks the perfect time for you to get in tune with your body. Start checking your own breasts more often so you can notice minor changes as they arise. With some other healthy habits added to your daily to-do list, you’ll better your breast health quickly.

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