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Tough Mornings? What to Drink Instead of Coffee To Feel Energized Naturally

If you wake up and guzzle a cup of coffee first thing in the morning without thinking twice about it, you’re not alone. 62% of Americans drink coffee every day – but that doesn’t mean it’s the best beverage to get you going in the morning. 

Science shows that hydrating after waking up is crucial to your health. Not only does drinking fluids early in the morning help rehydrate your body after hours of rest, but it can also help reduce your caloric intake at breakfast, increase weight loss, and get your brain functioning at peak capacity. 

But you might be wondering: Why not coffee? 

The answer to that lies in coffee’s tendency to dehydrate you and lead to a crash after the artificial energy peak passes.

Most people wake up dehydrated, so it’s important to drink something – that doesn’t contain a stimulant like caffeine – to counteract the effects of a full night of sleep without any fluid intake. 

Remember: Seven or eight hours is a long time to go without hydration. If you head straight for the coffee maker in the morning, chances are pretty good that you won’t end up drinking enough during the rest of the day. 

But What Alternatives Are There to Drinking Coffee in the Morning?

If you’re ready to rethink your early morning cup of joe, there are a lot of great options available. For example, try replacing beverages like coffee (or soda, artificial energy drinks, and alcohol) with water, tea, or fatigue-fighting goji berry juice, as suggested by Healthline writer Tiffany La Forge.

Drinking water might seem like a solution that’s a little too simple for maintaining energy throughout the day, but it’s been proven to work!

If a glass of plain water doesn’t sound exciting enough, though, you can give your morning glass a healthy boost by adding a squeeze of lemon juice and some fresh mint. Or, try sparkling water, which your body will appreciate much more than if you feed it caffeine straight out of the gate. 

You can also try adding ginger, reishi mushroom powder, or apple cider vinegar to your morning cup of water or tea, which will help your brain work better and help with anxiety and depression because of the impact these ingredients have on serotonin levels. 

If nutrient-boosted water isn’t cutting it and you’re still craving something warm and rich in the morning, try matcha for a mood lift!

Unlike coffee, matcha provides sustained energy throughout the day. In other words?  You won’t be falling asleep at your desk by 10 am. Just make sure to stick to one or two cups per day to avoid the uncomfortable sensation of over-caffeination that can happen (yes, even with matcha!). 

Another great option if you’re not quite ready to eliminate caffeine entirely is chai tea. With a little almond milk and honey, it tastes rich and creamy, and it’s also (surprise, surprise!) incredibly good for you. With spices like ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom, it helps with digestion, fatigue, and detoxification. Plus, it’s also the perfect cozy drink for a chilly day. 

Bottom line

If you don’t like how coffee makes you feel or just want to try something new, there are a lot of natural solutions out there to help you feel energized throughout the day – without the unwelcome jitters or increased anxiety that coffee can bring.

Whether you like hot drinks or prefer to reach for something cold in the morning, nature’s got you covered.

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