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Why Double Cleansing is Way Better than Using Makeup Wipes

I know, I know – getting rid of your easy option for seemingly more work? That sounds terrible. But keep reading to find out why double cleansing is definitely worth ditching the makeup wipes for!

What’s wrong with makeup wipes, anyway?

Maybe you use makeup wipes most days and don’t see what all the fuss is about. After all, they’re so convenient! After a long day, all you have to do is rub one all over your face and you’re good to go!

Right? Yeah, uh, no.

Sorry, but the truth is, there are some serious downsides to using makeup wipes.

Like what? Let’s take a look.

They’re inefficient

Do makeup wipes actually remove your makeup? Well… sorta. They can do a decent job of removing makeup that’s on the surface of your skin. But the makeup buried in your pores? Yeah, that’s a different story. 

To illustrate this, Dr. Tijion Esho, who is an aesthetic doctor, applied foundation to a citrus fruit and wiped it off using a makeup wipe. The result? There was still plenty of foundation left in the fruit’s “pores”.

According to Dr. Esho, “… the surface of the skin actually has several grooves and pits that we can’t see with the naked eye,” he explained in a social media caption.

“It also has many oils and lipids that can act like the waxy surface of the orange. The video represents what can happen at a microscopic level and should be food for thought.”

So, when you cleanse using a wipe alone, your pores may still be clogged with foundation, concealer, etc. below the surface. But what’s wrong with that? This leads to the next point, which is:

They can cause breakouts

Wondering why you get breakouts so often? If you wear makeup a lot and remove it with makeup wipes, look no further. This might just be the culprit.


Because again, if you only use makeup wipes to remove foundation, concealer, etc., your pores are going to stay clogged and irritated, making it way more likely that you’ll break out.

They’re expensive

If you use makeup wipes regularly, you know firsthand that they can really make a dent in your budget – and you can probably think of many other things that money could go to.

They’re abrasive

Here’s something you might not be aware of yet: When you rub your face down with a makeup wipe, you actually risk over-exfoliating and introducing your skin to micro-tears.

As you can imagine, these micro-tears are really bad for your skin and can be aging in the long run. 

They’re horrible for the environment

Single-use makeup wipes might smell nice and come in a pretty package, but honestly? They’re horrible for the environment.

Most wipes aren’t biodegradable, so they end up sitting in landfills long after you’re done with them.

The fibers they’re made of may disintegrate eventually, but they never actually go away completely – they just break down into microplastics, which play a part in pollution and harming ecosystems.

Okay, enough talk about how bad makeup wipes are. Let’s look at a fantastic alternative.

Introducing double cleansing

So, you’ve stopped using makeup wipes. Great! But now what?

It’s time to start double cleansing. Yes, you guessed it: This is a method of cleansing your face twice.

So, the first cleanse is to get the makeup or other residue off. But the second cleanse is all about properly cleansing your skin.

It’s not as simple as just using your cleanser twice, though. 

Dermatologist Rita Linkner says, “I define double cleansing as using two separate types of cleansers to wash your face.”

So, to double cleanse, you want to start with an oil-based cleanser or balm which will effectively break up your makeup and wash clean with water. There are options for all skin types, and this step should even remove your waterproof makeup.

After your first cleanse, you can wash as normal with a gentle cleanser. This will remove any remaining makeup and leave your skin feeling refreshed, truly clean, and ready to absorb your skincare, like a moisturizer.

Who is double cleansing for?

Have oily skin or wear makeup a lot? Then double cleansing might make a lot of sense for you.

On the other hand, if your skin is dry or sensitive, avoid double cleansing altogether. According to Dr. Linkner, “Double cleansing [can be] very, very stripping to the skin.”

Ultimately, no matter what your skin type is, make sure to apply a good moisturizer right afterward so that your skin doesn’t get dry.

How often should I double cleanse?

Try doing a double cleanse once at the end of the day to remove all the daily residue from your skin. You don’t want to over-cleanse, though.

So, in the morning, just refresh your skin with a quick rinse and a hydrating toner.

And that, friends, is all you need to know to start double cleansing. It’ll leave your skin cleaner than ever, and it’s a routine that’s definitely worth ditching the makeup wipes for.

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