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Are Jade Rollers Actually Worth It? Plus, What to Use Instead

By now, you’ve probably come across at least one beauty guru on the internet who uses jade rollers and swears by them. This begs the question:

Are jade rollers actually worth it? Do they actually do what people claim they do, like sculpt and depuff your face? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

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A quick history of jade rollers

Although they might seem like a recent skincare craze that’s only just appeared in the last few years, jade rollers have actually been around for a long time. How long? Well, centuries. 

These small handheld wands made of the mineral jade are said to have originated during the Qing Dynasty in China. So, while they might be centuries old, jade rollers are experiencing a massive comeback. Why? Let’s talk about it.

What are jade rollers?

These beauty tools resemble paint rollers with two stones. There’s a larger one designated for use on the jaw, cheeks, and forehead, and the smaller one is reserved for use around the eyes and mouth.

As the same suggests, these stones are made of jade (shocker, right?!), which is cold to the touch, semi-precious, and very aesthetically pleasing. 

What are the benefits?

There seem to be all kinds of theories about what jade rollers can do. Some are accurate, and some aren’t.

For example, some people claim using jade rollers can tighten loose skin and give you a more defined jawline – like getting a facelift.

Is this true? Well, sorry – no. Jade rollers aren’t magical, after all. But that doesn’t mean they don’t work for anything. It’s just a matter of having realistic expectations.

So, here’s what jade rollers can do for you: They can help promote lymph movement, which results in the removal of waste and toxins. This is big.

So, for example, if you’ve had a late night, using a jade roller could help de-puff your face – and help you relax!

Plus, the cold touch of jade rollers is supposed to help brighten your skin because of its effect on blood flow and circulation – all good things.

Want an insider tip? To make your jade roller even more effective (and leave your skin feeling and looking extra fresh and rosy), put your jade roller in the freezer and take it out right before using. You’re welcome.

How do you use them?

It’s pretty simple, actually. After you’ve applied a moisturizer or serum, take your jade roller and gently massage your face with it. Alternatively, you can use it to spread a serum during your beauty routine.

Need help? There are hundreds of videos showing you how to use them, and most do agree that you should use the roller everywhere, including on your neck and face. 

For your neck, gently roll the jade upwards. For your face, though, you’ll want to roll outwards toward your hairline in all directions with your nose being the central action point. Always roll with a gentle touch to get the circulation in your face going – without rupturing capillaries.

So, are jade rollers really worth it?

According to dermatologists and estheticians, the answer is yes.  Again, jade rollers aren’t magic, but they can have a positive effect on your skin. What if you don’t have one on hand, though? Here’s another tip for you.

What to use instead?

Okay, so you’re sold on the whole using jade rollers thing. There’s just one problem, though: You don’t have one. No worries! Though it’s not exactly the same, you can use something else that you definitely already have: A spoon.

That’s right. A spoon from your kitchen utensil drawer. And, just like a jade roller, you can put it in the freezer for an extra depuffing boost.

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