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Is Castile Soap Mild?

Soap is the quintessential cleanser. And while it’s often thought of as harsh and drying, Castile soap is a different story. 

Still, there are some things you should know before trying this type of soap. In this article, we’ll help you understand why Castile soap is so mild and how you can choose the best one for your needs.

Castile soap is known for being mild.

You might be asking yourself, “Okay, great – Castile soap is mild. But why is it mild?” 

The answer is simple: It’s mild because it doesn’t contain synthetic ingredients or artificial fragrances.

In other words, it shouldn’t irritate your skin or lead to allergic reactions – unlike a lot of other kinds of soap on the market.

On the contrary, Castile soap contains a natural formula made from olive oil that helps nourish and replenish a variety of different skin types.

In other words?

It’s an excellent option for those who suffer from eczema or rosacea, as well as for anyone with a dryer complexion who needs some extra TLC in their skincare routine.

Castile soap is made through saponification.

Saponification refers to the chemical reaction that takes place when an alkali mixes with oils (such as olive oil). The result is a soap that creates a unique lather that gently but effectively cleanses your hair and body.

This makes Castile soaps ideal for people who want mild cleansing without a bunch of harsh chemicals.

Although Castile soap is mild, do a patch test first.

Yes, Castile soap is mild. But it’s still a good idea to do a patch test before using any new product. That way, if your skin is sensitive to it, you can immediately stop using it and avoid further irritation. 

For example, if you have sensitive skin and discover that your new favorite soap makes your face itch or burn after using it, then this could indicate an allergy-related reaction. 

The best way to avoid issues is to pick the highest quality Castile soap and dilute it correctly when you use it.

Sometimes, irritation simply comes from using a great product the wrong way. For instance, don’t leave Castile soap on your skin as a mask, because this might be too drying. Instead, just use it as you’d use a face wash and rinse it off well afterward.  


So, there you have it. Castile soap is a fantastic option for those with sensitive skin or those who simply want gentle soap. It can help cleanse your skin without stripping it or damaging it.

With that said, always make sure to check the ingredients list to make sure the Castile soap you want to try is actually mild and free of harsh ingredients. 

At Clean Rebellion, we make a super clean Castile soap with just a handful of actually beneficial ingredients, like organic olive oil and essential oils. If you’re tired of misleading marketing and want to use healthy ingredients, check out our line of Castile soaps here

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